Persephone Fell

Fantasy, LGBT+

This author embodies summer dresses and smudged eyeliner, a princess happy meal at twilight in an empty superstore parking lot, useless tidbits of information and the agony of words that won’t write themselves. If you like angst in your fluff, come take a spoonful! 

Current Project: Voices Within

Coming Soon


C. M. Rend

Sci -Fi/Fantasy, Apocalyptical

If you enjoy action adventure as much as exploring the human condition, this author is for you! From fantasy to science fiction and beyond, join diverse casts of characters plagued by destiny and embraced by imperfection as they navigate worlds both similar and distinct from our own.

Current Project: Unto Dust

Coming Soon

Jamie Elsher


Jamie Elsher uses writing to explore the sensual depths of fiction and fantasy.  Specializing in romance and erotica, and dipping her toes in about everything else,  pick up these works if you’re looking for a beyond-this-world experience of  human, and inhuman, passion.

Current Project: Mythos Erotica

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